An Ode to Uncle Willie's Frozen Whiskey Coffee (from Skinny Dennis and Rocka Rolla)

So in love with this drink I wrote it a poem, up on Medium, and posted below. Is it too much to ask that Skinny Dennis and Rocka Rolla print it out and frame it on their walls?!  



There’s a heat advisory in NYC today but I’m not afraid,
Willie, you make me brave.

I’m powered on your icy bits
liquid cold drip through my veins

It’s not brain freeze,
it’s a toothache
cuz I think you’re sweet

I’d hook up to an IV of you
and just pump
I’d fill my car and it would ride better than fine
on your gasoline dream.

Swirling coffee grinds
in a frozen vortex
with a whiskey surge that’s sharp and sweet
then mellowed out with a little cream

I’d go swimming if I could
dive down into your muddy springs

mix you up real good
like wet cement

we’re laying the foundation
for something great:
my concrete feelings,
your gravelly gravitas

and summer ain’t over yet.

Willie, I can’t feel my teeth
s’ok, that’s what the straw is for.

You’ve got me all riled up
on your crunchy boozy wiles

don’t melt on me now

Whaddaya say we get out of here?
I’d take you to-go
if this weren’t New York
but Hell maybe we can sneak it,

my love disguised
in iconic blue Greek lettered cardboard

Willie, let’s blow this joint
we don’t belong in this honkey tonk
I’m no Loretta Lynn
you’re no Shotgun, no

you’re just a Wet Willie
running through an open fire hydrant, then shaking it off real good

If we don’t make it, no matter,
I’d name a future dog after you

And if anybody asked
I’d tell ’em all about our hot days
and still hot nights
just me and a straw and you

and the whole summer cracked open wide.